Selecting your {signature scent} — while often a daunting and seemingly impossible task — reaps its rewards tenfold when the waves of compliments start rolling in. Cue a flurry of: ‘what are you wearing?’, ‘what is that fragrance?’, ‘you smell incredible‘ and ‘you have to tell me what perfume that is!’ Now, you may or may not want to divulge your fragrant secret — we might be guilty of throwing more than one curious passer-by off the scent (pun intended) — but we’ll leave that up to you.

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Now that you’ve found your dream scent and the ensuing compliments have confirmed that you chose wisely, what do you do when the seasons start to change and you’re in need of a winter scent? Hazy summer days are rolling away into darker nights and crisp, frost-covered mornings, and that fresh citrus fragrance that seemed so perfect during the heat of summer just isn’t quite unleashing the same amount of joy as you spritz your pulse points each morning. If you’ve never contemplated switching up your scent to suit the season, or simply don’t know where to start when expanding your {fragrance} wardrobe, fear not! We’ve done a fragrant deep dive into the winter and autumn perfumes that will see you through the colder months…

Why Should You Switch?

If you exclusively wear {florals}/{citrus} notes/{musks} or earthy {green} aromas then it’s likely you’re missing out on a whole host of fragrant delights. The veritable cornucopia of notes available is far too exciting and enticing to restrict your pulse points to just one corner of the scented universe. So, throwing out the rulebook that you’ve set for yourself can often lead to finding a beautiful autumn or winter fragrance that you may well have missed out on…

Florals, For Spring? Groundbreaking…

Florals for spring might well not be ground-breaking, but there’s no rule to say that you can’t keep your floral signature going throughout the year. The natural world around us changes with the seasons, so matching your fragrance to Mother Nature’s clock can do wonders for your own scent wardrobe. Why not opt for something akin to Le Labo’s {Rose 31 Eau de Parfum} to mix up your fragrance for winter? A heady blend of Centifolia rose is intertwined with warm and spicy cedar, vetiver, musks and guaiac wood for a deeper, more complex scent. This beguiling bottle can be worn by any gender and makes for the perfect winter floral fragrance.

Zesty Discoveries

Perhaps light, zesty aromas are more your thing, and the idea of anything too woody or intense makes your head spin. If {Pomelo} by {Jo Loves} is your go-to summer scent, and the mouth-watering zing of refreshing grapefruit mixed with spiced, warm vetiver makes you feel all gooey inside, then we’ve got just the seasonal switch for you. Indulge your senses in the {Moon Fever Eau de Parfum} by {Memo Paris}. Keeping with the beguiling aroma of grapefruit, this sublime scent edges into a seductive aroma that’s perfectly suited to darker nights and candlelit surroundings. Mingling between the zesty grapefruit, bitter orange and lemon are herbal sage, a rich leather note and woody vetiver, making for a fresh yet heady concoction that will see you through the colder months.

If you’re after a slightly more masculine seasonal fragrance, but still love something fresh from the citrus family, we’d like to introduce you to the {Cobalt Patchouli & Cedar} from {Jo Loves}. The fragrant embodiment of a crisp yet sunny winter’s day, this blends together a cocktail of mouth-watering grapefruit, warm cedarwood, near-earthy patchouli and geranium for a more musky, intoxicating scent that will see you through the brisk autumnal days and winter nights. A quick whiff of this and we have no doubt your spirits will be uplifted.

jo loves cobalt

Comfort In Fragrance Form

Imagine, if you will, a dimly lit jazz bar, a hive of activity and overflowing liquor. Plush red velvet booths hide within them the murmurs of whispered secrets, and the air is filled with the heady smells of leather and rum; you wake the next day to find this intoxicating scent firmly set into your clothes from the night before. This is the winter-ready fragrance of {Jazz Club Eau de Toilette} by {Maison Margiela}, an immersion into a snapshot in time, balanced between sweet top notes of neroli oil and pink pepper, fresh, earthy leathery middle notes of clary sage oil and intense base notes of vanilla bean. If a fragrance could hug you… this one would, and bring you comfort and warmth on the coldest, darkest evening.

For those of us who love to get our hands (or noses) on something new, but still crave mystery and comfort, then BYREDO’s {Eyes Closed Eau de Parfum} will satisfy all your deepest desires. Simple, elegant and lusted-after worldwide, these compelling aromas are ones to be cherished. The latest in this iconic line to delight your senses, this is an ode to the ancient and forgotten world. Playing with notes of spiced cardamom and cinnamon, heart notes of orris butter and ginger, journeying down to a base of papyrus and patchouli to cultivate a comforting yet mysterious aroma that you can’t quite place… an autumnal essential if we ever smelled one.

Layer Your Fragrance

Our favourite way to mix up your scent without anyone being able to put their finger on quite what it is that surrounds you? Try your hand at fragrance layering to become your own perfumer and keep your signature scent truly unique. A fail-safe choice to dial up the mystery and have people chasing you down the street to find out why you smell so good… it could only be Escentric Molecules’ {Molecule 01}. An unbeatable classic that has graced the pulse points of more than a few celebrities, this deceptively subtle yet endlessly enticing aroma melds with the wearer’s natural pheromones to enhance their allure and create a scent that no one can quite place their nose on. Now, you may already have this in your fragrance arsenal, but indulge us in our musings and try layering this with your favourite note and just wait for the compliments to start flooding in. Simple yet effective, this scent secret is one way to keep your fragrance wardrobe refreshed throughout the year.

Escentric Molecule

Oh, and if you’re craving a cacophony of captivating delights and want to immerse your senses in the very best that fragrance has to offer, why not look to our {Unwrap: Fragrance Edit}? Carefully curated and truly heaven scent, this fragrant collection makes for the perfect gift or discovery collection for the scent-obsessed in your life (that includes you, of course)…


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